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The England Trip

In October, 2000, Margaret's sister Ann graduated from Oxford with a master's degree in Musicology. This was an occasion in its own right. But then we gathered as much of her immediate family as possible in Oxford to attend the graduation and spend time together.

I'll start with a picture of the whole family to get you started with a cast of characters.

The whole family.

This is (l-r), Margaret's brother Peter Warton, his son Joseph, Karen Warton (John's wife), Margaret Lingas (Ann's daughter), Michael Warton (Margaret's father, Ann Lingas (Margaret's sister), Alex Lingas (Ann's husband), Della Warton (Michael's mother, a.k.a. "Big G"), Rita Warton (Margaret's mother), John Warton (Margaret's brother), Margaret Warton (herself), and Steve Benting (Margaret's husband, and your narrator.)

Now that you know the lot of us, here's a quick shot of a dinner at Otmoor (just past Lower Noke, if you're wondering.) The cottages we rented were extremely nice and quite close to both Oxford and Ann's apartment. Margaret's dad did a great job finding them, and they came with everything we needed to settle in for a few days.

The gang at dinner.

This slightly blurry group was (l-r) Della, Michael, Steve, Margaret Warton, John, Margaret Lingas, Ann, and Karen.

John and Karen at Kidlington.

John and Karen in Kidlington (Ann and Alex's apartment) before the ceremony.

Margaret and I at Kidlington.

And then Margaret and I getting ready to go as well.

Hertford College Courtyard.

Here's a shot inside the quad of Ann's college (Hertford College.) Not a bad place to hang out, I must admit. Of course, Ann almost never got to spend any time here...

OK -- enough of the preliminaries, let's get to the ceremony.

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