Christmas at Oxford, 1997

Steve and Margaret on Christmas Eve

We spent the holidays with my sister Ann, her husband Alex, and their three year old daughter Margaret. We had a wonderful time, and got lots of goodies in the stocking, too.

Margaret and Margaret embark upon the epic gingerbread cookie journey.


Twenty-four hours later...
(and we only decorated half of them!)

Photos: Ann Lingas

The Warton Family

Steve, Margaret, Karen, and John at the Oregon coast in 1994.

John is my oldest younger brother, and he and Karen have been married nearly as long as Steve and I. Karen is getting her Master's in Library Science, and John is a free-lance trombonist in Dallas.

Photo: Marcie Joy

Steve, Alex, and Ann on Ann's birthday at Oxford.

Photo: Margaret Lingas (Age 3)

Here's my youngest brother Peter at our wedding. He works at Intel, rode the Seattle-To-Portland in one day, and he and his wife Claire will have their first child (and my first nephew) in the fall.

Photo: Michael Warton

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